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Alterations in ATCvet codes

 Alterations included in the ATCvet Index valid from 2014

Previous ATCvet codeATCvet level name New ATCvet code
QB02BC10fibrinogen, humanQB02BC30 1)
QB03AC01ferric oxide polymaltose complexesQB03AC 2)
QB03AC02saccharated iron oxideQB03AC 2)
QB03AC03iron-sorbitol-citric acid complexQB03AC 2)
QB03AC05ferric sorbitol gluconic acid complexQB03AC 2)
QB03AC06ferric oxide dextran complexesQB03AC 2)
QB03AC07ferric sodium gluconate complexQB03AC 2)
QB03AC91gleptoferreonQB03AC 2)
QB03AC92ferric hydroxide saccharoseQB03AC 2)
QR03AK07 5)formoterol and beclometasoneQR03AK08
QR03AK07 5)formoterol and mometasoneQR03AK09
QR03AK03fenoterol and ipratropium bromide 3)QR03AL01
QR03AK04 4)salbutamol and ipratropium bromideQR03AL02

Other alterations in ATCvet 2014

Alterations included in the ATCvet Index valid from 2014

ATCvet codePrevious ATCvet level name New ATCvet level name or new ATCvet level
QA10ADInsulins and analogues for injection, intermediate-acting combined with fast-actingInsulins and analogues for injection, intermediate- or long-acting combined with fast-acting
QB03AB90iron dextran iron dextran complexes
QB03ACIron trivalent, parenteral preparationsIron, parenteral preparations
QG02AXOther oxytocicsOther uterotonics
QG03XBAntiprogestogensProgesterone receptor modulators
QH01AB01thyrotropinthyrotropin alfa
QP54AB01milbemycin milbemycin oxime
QP54AB51milbemycin, combinations milbemycin oxime, combinations
QR03AKAdrenergics and other drugs for obstructive airway diseasesAdrenergics in combination with corticosteroids or other drugs, excl. anticholinergics
QR03AK04 6)salbutamol and other drugs for obstructive airway diseasessalbutamol and sodium cromoglicate
QR03AK05reproterol and other drugs for obstructive airway diseasesreproterol and sodium cromoglicate
QR03AK06salmeterol and other drugs for obstructive airway diseasessalmeterol and fluticasone
QR03AK07 7)formoterol and other drugs for obstructive airway diseasesformoterol and budesonide
1) Combinations previously classified in QB02BC10 should be altered to QB02BC30 combinations (existing code).
2) ATCvet 5th levels deleted, all products classified on the 4th level only (QB03AC Iron, parenteral preparations).
3) Previous ATCvet level name: fenoterol and other drugs for obstructive airway diseases.
4) Split of code. Combinations of salbutamol and sodium cromoglicate remains in QR03AK04.
5) Split of code. Combinations of formoterol and budesonide remains in QR03AK07.
6) Split of code, salbutamol and ipratropium bromide altered code to: QR03AL02 in the new ATCvet 4th level QR03AL Adrenergics in combinations with anticholinergics.
7) Split of code, new 5th name. Formoterol and beclometasone moved to QR03AK08 (new 5th level), formoterol and mometasone moved to QR03AK09 (new 5th level)

Last updated: 2013-12-19