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The group is subdivided according to types of parasites.


This group comprises drugs mainly used for treatment and prophylaxis of malaria.

The DDDs are based on the treatment of malaria, except for proguanil, which is used for prophylaxis only. For some substances the DDDs are expressed as amount of base. These are indicated in the ATC index.

P01BA Aminoquinolines

Combinations with clioquinol are classified in P01AA. Combinations with glycobiarsol are classified in P01AR.

The DDDs are based on the average daily dose for the treatment period.

P01BB Biguanides

The DDD for proguanil is based on the daily dose given for prophylaxis of malaria. The DDD for the fixed combination of proguanil and atovaquone is based on the treatment of acute malaria, while the DDD for the fixed combination of proguanil and chloroquine is based on prophylaxis of malaria, see list of DDDs for combination products www.whocc.no.

P01BC Methanolquinolines

Combined preparations with quinine and psycholeptics used for treatment of nocturnal cramps are classified in M09AA.
Combined preparations with quinine for symptomatic relief in cold conditions are classified in R05X.
Hydroquinine is classified in M09AA.

P01BD Diaminopyrimidines

The DDD for pyrimethamine is based on combination therapy with a sulphonamide for the treatment of malaria.

P01BE Artemisinin and derivatives, plain

The parenteral DDD for arthemether is based on monotherapy.
The DDDs for artemisinin derivatives are based on combination therapy with other antimalarials.

P01BF Artemisinin and derivatives, combinations
P01BX Other antimalarials

This group comprises agents, which cannot be classified in the preceding groups. Combinations of diphenhydramine and diethyltoluamide are classified at the plain level for diphenhydramine in D04AA.

The DDD for halofantrine is based on a one-day (12h) treatment.

Last updated: 2021-12-14