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This group comprises many different types of drugs, and assigning DDDs are difficult. Very few DDDs are assigned in this group.


An expert group consisting of Dik Blok (the Netherlands), Per Oscar Bremer (Norway) and Trygve Bringhammar (Sweden) is responsible for the ATC classification of radiopharmaceuticals in V09 and V10. The group has also prepared the guidelines for classification of these products.
Radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic use are classified in this group, while radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic use are classified in V10. In general, the 3rd level are subdivided according to site of action or organ system, the 4th level according to radionuclide and the 5th level specifies the chemical substance. The ATC 5th level defines the actual form essential in nuclear medicine procedures, which includes radionuclide and carrier molecule. Therefore, products on the market, that can often be regarded as intermediate products rather than ready-to-use radiopharmaceuticals, can be given more than one (5th level) ATC code, e.g. technetium (99mTc) exametazime (V09AA01) and technetium (99mTc) exametazime labelled cells (V09HA02).
ATC codes are not assigned for radionuclide precursors which are used only in the radiolabelling of another substance prior to administration.

No DDDs have been assigned for radiopharmaceuticals.


This group comprises radiopharmaceuticals used for thyroid imaging. Thalliumchloride and technetium-sestamibi used for parathyroid imaging are classified in V09G - Cardiovascular system.

V09FX Various thyroid diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals

Technetium-pertechnetate used for the scintigraphy of salivary glands and Meckels diverticulum is classified in this group. Technetium-pentavalent succimer used in medullary thyroid carcinoma is classified in V09I - Tumour detection. Sodium iodide (131I) in low dose is classified here. Sodium iodide (131I) in high dose for therapy is classified in V10X - Other therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

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