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DDD alterations

ATC codeATC level name Previous DDD New DDD
A12AA02 calcium glubionate 2.75 g Pdeleted 1)
A12AA03calcium gluconate3 g Pdeleted 1)
A12AA07calcium chloride0.2 g Pdeleted 1)
A12AA30calcium laevulate1 g Pdeleted 1)
A12CC01magnesium chloride0.8 g Pdeleted 1)
A12CC02magnesium sulfate1 g Pdeleted 1)
A12CE02sodium selenite0.2 mg Pdeleted 1)
L04AA37baricitinib4 mg O3 mg O
1) Parenteral DDDs in A12 are deleted. All parenteral solutions of electrolytes should be classified in B05B or in B05X.

Last updated: 2022-11-25