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ATCvet Index 2022

Includes the complete ATCvet Index 2022 searchable and free of charge.


Queries on ATCvet code or substance name/ATCvet level name may be entered by ticking the relevant boxes.

ATCvet code

  • All ATCvet levels are searchable.
  • A search will result in showing the exact substance/level and the levels above (up to 1st ATCvet level).


  • "Name" is defined as the name of the substance (normally the INN name) or the name of the ATCvet level. Note that trademarks are not searchable.
  • A minimum of three letters must be entered in the name box. Select a query that contain part of or a query that start with the letter entered.
  • For ATCvet combination levels, please note that all active ingredients would normally not be searchable.

Last updated: 2022-02-03