Postal address:
WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Postboks 222 Sk°yen
0213 Oslo

Visiting/delivery address:
Sandakerveien 24C
Bygg C
0473 Oslo

Tel:  +47 21 07 81 60

About the course

How to classify drugs and measure drug consumption - Course in the ATC/DDD methodology

The course gives an introduction to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system and the technical unit of measurement, the Defined Daily Dose (DDD).  Applications of the ATC/DDD methodology will be presented and discussed.

Both lectures and working group sessions will be included.  The lectures will cover the following topics:

  • Background, overview and development of the ATC/DDD methodology
  • The main principles for establishing new ATC codes and assigning DDDs
  • Procedures for applications (ATC codes, DDDs and changes

The second day will focus on the application of the ATC/DDD methodology in drug consumption statistics; practical examples included.  Other applications of the methodology will also be presented.

The working group sessions are important elements of the course.  Various ATC/DDD problems and points to consider related to the application of the methodology in drug consumption statistics will be discussed.   

Last updated: 2012-01-12