Postal address:
WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
P.O.Box 4404 Nydalen
0403 Oslo

Visiting/delivery address:
Marcus Thranes gate 6
0473 Oslo

Tel:  +47 21 07 81 60

Meetings/open session

Working Group meetings
The WHO International Working Group for Drug Statistics Methodology meets twice annually, in March and October. The March meeting is normally a teleconference meeting while the October meeting is an ordinary two days meeting.

Meetings of the International Working Group are private for members and observers. A representative from the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association is invited to attend the Working Group meetings.

Applications for new ATC, DDDs and alterations to be discussed at the meetings of the Working Group should be submitted according to deadlines. 

Open session
The open session is held once a year in connection with the meeting of the WHO International Working Group for Drug Statistics Methodology.  It is held in the interest of transparency and consists of one hour and a half prior to the closed decision-making session of the meeting.

It is open to anyone with a legitimate interest in the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system and Defined Daily Dose (DDD) assignment. This includes regulatory authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, academia and non-governmental organisations.

It provides an opportunity for these persons to present additional information to the experts to assist them in their decision making. It also provides an opportunity for the international experts of the Working Group to exchange ideas and opinions with interested parties. The open session is not intended to be used as a mechanism to challenge the decision of the Working Group.

Interested parties are requested to register for this session to WHO Headquarter at least 14 days in advance of the meeting and are requested to provide a relevant reason for attending. 

Please note that WHO Headquarter will restrict the time allowed for each presentation in order to keep the duration of the open session within 1.5 hours.

Information on these meetings will be made available on the WHO website at www.who.int/medicines.


Last updated: 2016-09-29